Medical Malpractice in Pembroke Pines, FL

“Medical Malpractice” occurs when a doctor or other medical professional (such as a nurse or technician) does something or doesn’t do something that causes harm to you as a patient.

When people choose a medical professional for medical care, they put their trust in that persons’ ability to achieve a competent medical result.   While no one can guarantee medical results to their patients, they are legally required to follow a minimal standard of care.  That being said, mistakes do happen.  Sometimes these mistakes could or should have been prevented.  Despite living in one of the most advanced countries for medical care, it is estimated that over 200,000 deaths occur each year in the United States because of medical error and many more injuries are never reported.

When medical malpractice occurs, it can be devastating to the victim and the family of the victim.  If you suspect you or one of your loved ones has suffered serious injury, or death due to medical malpractice, it is important to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney immediately.  Time is of the essence because there are time limitations for medical malpractice claims, and the longer you wait the more difficult it may be to preserve valuable evidence.

No monetary amount can suffice for the pain and suffering of a serious injury or death, but it is important to protect your rights and if medical malpractice can be proven, you may be able to collect significant financial damages that will hopefully help you and your loved ones achieve a better quality of life.  Please contact us for a private and commentary consultation, so we can help you understand Florida medical malpractice laws and how they might help you and your family.  As always, you pay no fees if there’s no recovery.


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